Art is experience of universality. It cannot be just an object or a means. It is a primitive word… prime and last meaning of life…

Religious, therefore, is Art because it leads Man to be aware of that restlessness that lies at the bottom of his Being...

Art is a path leading to God.

Ambrosiana Arte Milan: Sacred art

Realisation of sacred artistic paintings and stained-glass windows for Churches, Synagogues and cemetery newsstands

Restauro Cappella Maria Ausiliatrice Torino
Santa Maria Assunta in Turro

Stained-glass windows in the Chapel of San Giuseppe in the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Turro in Milan.

Via Crucis di Ardè
La Torre delle Religioni

Thousands of people come from all over the world; migrations of people, everyone with its own culture, with its own language, with its own religion and its own prayer. We often disown all about them and we often don’t manage to have relationship, building insurmountable walls. Scares. I thought that it was right to dedicate a work on some of their religions, some of those even older than ours. It is not a exhaustive work but, for sure, it was conceived with respect and appreciation.

This work is made of four glass façades set into an iron structure with an obelisk shape with a square base (1 mt x 5 mt high). The first three façades show the three monotheistic religions: Christianity with a red background, Hebraism with a yellow background, Islam with a green background. The fourth façade, with blue background, shows the five most important polytheistic religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Shintoism and Animism. Each façade is made of four historiated stained-glass windows made of blown glass, manufactured according to the ancient method and set in Visarm shatterproof glasses doubleglaze. The work of art is backlighted with natural low consumption refraction light. All the structure is easily transportable and can be placed both indoor or outdoor

Mostra ebraica
Cappella Collegio Urbaniano

Vatican City - Urban College Chapel

Works in historiated glass: Title Africa

Part of the Five Continents Cycle

In collaboration with Professor Franco Nocera

WORKS Executed with the techniques of the oldest tradition of the Lombard School

Parrocchia S. Martino - Desio

S. Biagio in Cassino Scanasio "Castello Visconteo" XIV° sec. - Milano

Cattedrale di Abijan - Costa d'Avorio

Cappella di S. Antonio - Città del Messico

Abbazia di S. Biagio XIV° sec. - Pian di Meleto

Parrocchia S. Pietro e Paolo - Abbiate Guazzone Varese

Santuario della S.S. Vergine - Comabbio Varese

Santuario di S. Maria del Ponte - Fano

Parrocchia di S. Tommaso della Torre - Urbino

Chiesa Parrocchiale di Bussi sul Turino - Pescara

Parrocchia di S. VIto Martire - Lentate sul Seveso

Parrocchia del''Incarnazione - S. Donato Milanese

Cappelle del Cimitero di S. Pietro di Villa Fagisti - Pesaro

Restauro dei Rosoni e della Deposizione del Maestro Grondona - Cimitero Monumentale Milano

Cappella della Casa di Riposo delle Suore della Sacra Famiglia - Fano

Cappella della Fanciullezza Abbandonata - Milano

Cappella in S. Bernardo alla Comasina - Milano

Cappella dell'Oratorio di S. Giuseppe - Milano

Cappella dell'Oratorio di Lesmo - Milano

Santuario della Madonna dei Ferri - Ischia

Restauro delle Vetrate della Chiesa Parrocchiale - Palinuro

Cappella nella Caserma dell'Esercito in Corso Italia - Milano

Vetrate per l'Altare delle Suore Carmelitane - Milano

Chiesa Madonna della Neve - San Martino di Biassono

Traduzione di Opere Rinascimentali per l'Itokin - Tokio Giappone

Traduzione in Vetro della Madonna di Cestokova per la visita del Pontefice Giovanni Paolo II° - Milano

Partecipazione su invito alla Mostra Chartres per il bicentenario della Rivoluzione Francese

Ambrosiana Arte Milano, restauro, arte sacra, mosaici, sculture, vetrate e quadri

Diego Penacchio Ardemagni

I consider myself an Artist: A man with the insight and sensibility of a clown, looking for a ray of poetryin the tragedy of our daily life.


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