Ambrosiana Arte di Diego Penacchio Ardemagni a Milano si occupa di: restauro, arte sacra, mosaici, sculture, vetrate e quadri

In my pieces of art, I look for the combination of various materials, changing the techniques of execution. I prefer to use glass, combining it with wood, stone and metal. The merger of the former in the soul of the latter. Highlighting the light in a sort of research of the soul of the substance. The installations I make are Plexiglas display cases where to keep messages and emotions, searching for new and experimental ways of expression.

The tower of Religions
Jewish Exhibition
Sculptures with glass
Cast glass sculptures

Ambrosiana Arte Milano, restauro, arte sacra, mosaici, sculture, vetrate e quadri

Diego Penacchio Ardemagni

I consider myself an Artist: A man with the insight and sensibility of a clown, looking for a ray of poetryin the tragedy of our daily life.


Via Boiardo, 18 - 20127 Milan

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